Tomohide Ikeya

photographer Contemporary Artists Many works with water."

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" “Control” is concept that lies at the heart of my work. All of us have the desire, consciously or not, to control the environment surrounding us or the conditions affecting us. We dominate and ignore the laws of nature. Thanks to risk analysis and cutting-edge technologies, we believe we can control everything. Where are human beings headed? I came to scuba diving by chance. Since then, I have become infatuated by the charm of the world created by water, the beauty of light and the wide variety of aquatic beings. Water is a substance which is essential to human beings and yet, it never yields to our will. As a photographer, the foundation of my work lies in expressing the concept of “control” through the relationship between humans and water. Before becoming a photographer, I worked as a chef in an Italian restaurant. Every day, I chopped and cooked a lot of dead animals and plants. I then watched people eat them. One life is founded on the sacrifice of many other lives. This led me to think that anything, whether a great product, art or even religion, is, after all, just a human creation. Regardless of how pure it is intended to be, inevitably, it gets contaminated. This is because impurity is a part of humanity. And yet, ironically, this is also what makes everything interesting. My works are the results of calculated hazard. During the creation process, it is essential to rely on calculated control. At the same time, but in opposition, uncontrollable chance is equally important. I believe that only when these two factors are present I can create a work of art truly touch people’s heart. There is a notion that the universe consists of two opposite forces, Yin and Yang. I think control as well as has two facets, which coexist and rule together. Humans have tried to dominate nature. At the same time, humans have the wisdom to live in harmony with nature. Being endowed with this dual approach, how can we improve how we live with nature? How can we strike a better balance? I hope my work will make you reflect on this question. "

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