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About My Works

We are NauGhtEd, a digital fashion brand. NauGhtEd creates casual fashion that incorporates "seasons" and "trends" just like in the real world. Just like choosing clothes in the real world and trying on many outfits in front of the mirror, we want people to enjoy fashion in the digital world as well, according to their mood and TPO of the day." That outfit is so cool! Where did you get it?" "I got the new collection from NauGhtEd!" NauGhtEd's dream is to hear such conversations in the digital world. Just as many fashion brands release their S/S (Spring/Summer) and A/W (Autumn/Winter) collections twice a year, NauGhtEd plans to release its collection twice a year. We are looking forward to collaborating with many artists, so if you are interested in us, please contact us.

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