Kinnara : Desi La

Kinnara : Desi La - Tokyo resident. Versatile Creative prolific as an electronic musician, 3D visual artist, graphic designer, and creative coder uninhibited by genres. An architecture futurist.

About My Works

Kinnara : Desi La resides in Tokyo. A versatile Creative prolific as a experimental electronic musician, 3D visual artist , NFT artist, and graphic designer, uninhibited by genres continues constructing new realities aurally and visually. Enamoured by architecture and its psychological mapping on the conscience and vice versa, Kinnara : Desi La through 3D MOTION software, creative coding, and AI. explores the depth of mental and physical cities and landscapes. An architecture of sounds is also an architecture of visions. Kinnara : Desi La `s latest work is the CHROMA series, a vast work which spans several music releases, merchandise but most importantly, the long form audiovisual performance work along with several nfts created in connection. CHROMA`s first version premiered at the EXTENDED.ASIA festival this JUNE 2021 and subsequently at several other festivals. The final version of CHROMa is currently in production. A 1 min version of chroma was shown in the projection mapping exhibit called UNITY held physically and virtually by the Malaysian media arts collective, FILAMEN. CHROMA itself is a large exploration into spectrums of light and architecture. KInnara : Desi LA`s work with NFTs is currently being sold in nFT platforms FOUNDATION, ZOra, and HEN. One of his NFTs was shown in the pan-asian event, crypto art week Asia this July 2021.

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