Illustrator, designer, digital video creator. Creator of "Future Signage Art". Collaborations: Kizuna Ai, Eve, Ado, and more

About My Works

Visual illustrator. His illustrations express a unique cyberpunk world by mixing vivid colors with motion graphics and other elements, and he has collaborated with popular Japanese artists such as Kizuna Ai, Eve, and Ado. Taking inspiration from the image of the maiko, a Japanese geisha apprentice, at the beginning of the movie Blade Runner, the whiteness of Keigo's characters' faces and makeup is a more pop-evolved version of that image. ust as he filled the streets of Shibuya with his illustrations, his goal is to bring today's world closer to the future, and he believes that continuing his work in his current style will bring society closer to a future where digital paper and other media are displayed in picture frames in collectors' homes and treated with the same value as physical paintings. o that end, the NFT trend is an important mechanism that will play a fundamental role in his dream. Keigo will challenge the limits of the art world through active promotion of his unique art style and the NFT trend.

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