Hiroaki Hasumi

Fine Art Photographer

About My Works

Hiroaki Hasumi has been wondering what humans are born for. He was a motorcycle test driver and working hard. He thought it was a right job for him. Thanks to the job, he was lucky to find the meaning of his existence from the early days. But there was always danger in this job. He had passed through many dangers on several occasions and had a brush with death. Every time he experienced the danger, some miraculous power occurred and helped him out the danger. And then he heard someone’s voice, saying, “Not now. You still have a lot of things to do. Don’t die.” Eventually, he got an opportunity to see fine art photography. He thought it was a gift from God. It might be his new role to contribute to people with photography and be a chance to move on to the next stage. When he takes photographs, he tries to find hidden spirituality of Japanese in the object. His creative style is greatly influenced by his mysterious experiences which he had been through. Exhibition history: -ERARTA MUSEUM / St Petersburg, Russia (Scheduled in 2020) -THE BID Art Space / Pesaro, Italy (2019) -NOVOSIBIRSK INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY / Novosibirsk, Russia (2019) -SHATTO GALLERY / Los Angeles, U.S.A. (2019) 何のために生まれてきたのか。蓮見浩明は若くして二輪のテストライダーという命を懸ける仕事を得たことで、自分の存在意義を早くに見つけることができました。但し、その仕事には危険がつきまといます。「もうだめだ!」と思った瞬間が何度もありましたが、その度に不思議な力が働き危険な状況から脱することができました。そのとき「お前にはまだやることがある」という声を聞いたと言います。やがて彼はファインアート写真に出会いました。それは人々への貢献のために神様が彼に与えた次なる役割だと思いました。被写体の中に隠れた日本人の霊性を探る彼の創作スタイルはこれまでの不思議な体験が大きく影響しています。 出展履歴 2019年イタリア・ペーサロのTHE BID Art Spaceで開催された「LANDSCAPES. East meets West International Group Show」に出展。ロシアのNOVOSIBIRSK INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHYに招待。ロサンゼルスのSHATTO GALLERYに出展。2020年にはロシア・サンクトペテルブルグのエルータ美術館で展示.。

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