"Game concept artist & illustrator in Tokyo, JapanSparkles Creating handcrafted, rare 1 of 1 designer anime waifus; mixing fine arts + collectibles. 東京在住のゲームイラストレーターです。 "

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"I'm currently working on Himé Designs project started in March 2021, where I used my specialised skill-set and professional training, to craft my character designs called Himé (御姫)for collectors to love, own, collect, use, resell or invest. A mix of fine arts and collectibles, Himé Designs is one of the very first projects in the NFT space to introduce anime-style artworks and distribution of commercial-use licenses. Himé Designs is named after the word 'ohimesama' meaning 'princess' in Japanese, because I believe my collectors deserve more than 'waifus'; my collectors deserve princesses! Each 1 of 1 design comes with a commercial-use license to use for anything. Owner of the NFT will have the permission to use the design, and any iteration of the design for profit. "

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