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STATEMENT We are blessed with the world's affluence by electrical signals of neuron, and are creating the world. It seems to digitalize reality, that accumulate the minimum data called as elementary particles.It suggests that this world is touchable simulated game space (alternative space) with high resolution.It can be said that the virtual reality piled up by the minimum data of pixel is good at predicting unperceived and touchable reality as a paradox. Today is always a retro game in the future, and this world is under development. PROFILE 2006 Established in Tokyo, Japan. Based in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. With the theme of reality or virtual or its overlap called ""Street, Ethernet, Field"", They create art that transforms into social records and reasons, by crossing personal memories and sensibility with ""Myths"". And then, They make all boundaries of cultures ambiguous, such as club culture and otaku culture. SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2020 ""NEW GAME+"" KUNSTMATRIX, VR 2014 ""Projection Reality"" Nannanna, Ehime, Japan 2014 ""DECODIA"" Nannanna, Ehime, Japan SELECTED TWO PERSONS EXHIBITIONS 2018 ""NATIONAL LABOR"" Naruko Tenjinsha Shrine, Tokyo, Japan 2018 ""12th TAGBOAT AWARD EXHIBITION in TOKYO"" tagboat Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2017 ""12th TAGBOAT AWARD EXHIBITION in TAIPEI"" Gu Ju, Taipei, Taiwan 2017 ""Post-Truth"" TURNER GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan SELECTED THREE PERSONS EXHIBITIONS 2016 ""EX-Patriotism"" asagoro, Tokyo, Japan SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019 ""Tokyo Neo Pop"" DD, Paris, France 2014 ""RKR Unidentified Games Presentation"" TURNER GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan 2013 ""SHIBUYA STYLE vol.7"" Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 2013 ""Escape from the Games"" TURNER GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan SELECTED ART FAIR & PROJECTS 2021 ”Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival” Folding Park, Beijing, China 2021 “Urban Art Fair | Paris 2021” Le Carreau du Temple, Paris, France 2020 ""Urban Art Fair | Virtual Tour 2020"" Universal Museum of Art, VR 2019 ""ASIA NOW - Paris Asian Art Fair 2019"" Les Salons Hoche, Paris, France 2018 “Urban Art Fair | Paris 2018” Le Carreau du Temple, Paris, France 2012-ongoing ""Ryugu School"" former Uguru island elementary school and junior high school, Kochi, Japan SELECTED AWARDS 2021 ""SHIBUYA PIXEL ART 2021"" -Excellent Prize- 2020 ""KYOTO INTERNATIONAL FILM AND ART FESTIVAL 2020"" -Grand Prize- 2020 ""SHIBUYA PIXEL ART 2020"" -Excellent Prize- 2018 ""SHIBUYA PIXEL ART 2018"" -Excellent Prize- 2017 ""KYOTO INTERNATIONAL FILM AND ART FESTIVAL 2017"" -Grand Prize- 2017 ""12th TAGBOAT AWARD"" -Second Prize- STATEMENT 私たちはニューロンの電気信号で世界の豊かさを享受し、そして創造しています。 それは、素粒子という最小データが積み重なる現実をデジタルに受像しているようなものであり、この世界が触覚をともなった高解像度のシミュレートされたゲーム空間(代替空間)であることを暗示しています。ピクセルという最小データが積み重ねる仮想は、知覚できない触覚をともなった現実を逆説として予言することに優れているといえるでしょう。 現代とは、いつでも未来のレトロゲームであり、世界は開発中のものです。 PROFILE 東京⇔京都を拠点に活動する現代美術サークル。 「ストリート・イーサネット・フィールド」という現実と仮想の重なりをテーマに、個人的な記憶を物語や神話と交差しながら社会的な記録に変換する。作品は平面から立体や映像まで幅広く、クラブカルチャーやオタクカルチャーなどすべての境界線を曖昧にする。"

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